When most people think of a waterfall they don’t imagine water falling into a sink hole. Falling Waters is a Florida State Park and the Falling Waters Sink is a 100-foot deep, 20-foot wide cylindrical pit into which flows from a small stream that drops 73 feet to the bottom of the sink. A Park Ranger told us that they attempted to determine where the water falling into the sink actually came out so they placed a non-toxic dye into the water and went to various locations to see if they would be able to tell where the water exited the sink. No luck. To this day they do not know where the water from Falling Water Falls is exiting. If you ask me, it’s just falls into our underground caverns returning to Florida’s aquifer.

This State Park also has RV campsites where we camped and has hiking trails as well as the trail to Falling Waters. After Hurricane Michael the park had some damage to the boardwalk near the sink. Falling Waters is located south of I-10 in Chipley, Florida. You can check out the link below for information and reservations.

Our Campsite

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